Surviving Family occasions

For many of us, this is rarely a cause for celebration. All of us have that weird uncle (I have two) and an aunt or two who are just a little too loud with their dated prejudices or what they think of the weight you gained over the summer. Then you have your great collection of cousins; those your age that have drifted far away from their younger versions – once your first set of friends. You have that gangster cousin (or so he’d like to believe) and the cousin who asks you why the hell you aren’t dating anyone yet, trying to analyse your flaws and fix your hair. Of course, the older cousin is just waiting to launch into a controversial political debate with his politically incorrect views.

Nephews and nieces are always a sight to behold (from a distance). But get them closer and pack them into a room and it gets loud. No amount of PlayStation will settle them. That’s because they already have the newest Xbox at home and yours is considered an antique. So they tug and pull at you to chase them or else request you to find ways to entertain them. Sadly, some paper and colouring pencils no longer do the trick like back in the days. Or are you familiar with the Goosebumps you get when your nephew spots you with your mobile phone and asks to play with it?

So you have a choice between crazy uncles, debating politics with an arrogant moron, the cousin who won’t stop messing with your hair and judging the bling you are wearing, aunties that are just waiting to chip away at your self-esteem, listening to your wanna-be bad boy cousin judging you for not being more hood or settle for entertaining those little terrors running around.

So why do we do it? What is this thing called family that we are so dutifully bound to? In a sentence, a family consists of people who are there for you always, for better or for worse. Often times it will seem like they are from a different planet altogether and your cousins have grown to become nay-strangers with their thoughts and ambitions but for some reason, we stay connected. In the strangest way, family can be a group of people who you don’t get on with but who you love. Not because you have to, even if it is next to impossible to have open conversations, there is always a sense of familiarity and history. Ultimately though, you’ll have to see these folks a lot more once you graduate. Stay in school.

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  1. It’s so true, the least I see my family is during college. Your post reminded me of Home Alone. There has been countless of times where I was able to lean on them for support. I never realized how important family is until I began my adulthood. That’s why I work to get involved with them again. Great post.

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  2. As a self proclaimed introvert with social anxiety, this post made me shiver as I was picturing the all too real scenarios you described – but as I continued to read you made me realise something, family really are important and I do love them all, despite their flaws. I think we should all try harder to connect with our families during these events rather than shudder at the thought of them!

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    1. Woah I’m glad you were able to get such a clear picture! It’s simply the matter of good and bad and seeing the overall picture. Yes, family can be frustrating, but they can also be loving. Thank you so much for that awesome comment!


  3. I completely relate!! And by ‘completely I mean ‘COMPLETELY’
    I am dreading it over this weekend. We have a wedding at a resort and it is going to be whole more drama for the 3 days, and I cannot wait to either skip it or just for it to end.


  4. was very interesting. I had a good read. Lots of people still think that families are the same blood. But in real life, it those who are in your life that matters!

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