Starting from the bottom, we’re still here?

Starting from the bottom we’re still here is not quite how life is supposed to go. If I can sum up a way to live life properly, it takes two words; attitude and perspective and you start with the latter. We call it ‘underprivileged’, the faction of society that does not enjoy wealth in the form of materialism and hard cash. More times than I care to tell you, I find the fact liberating because as much as material comfort money brings, it is also constraining. Money can distort reality to such proportions that people like honey booboo’s mum exists.

Starting from the bottom

Get ready for a knowledge bomb; yes you are underprivileged, you are starting from the bottom, but only if you define happiness by money. Coming from an underprivileged background is nothing short of a blessing and this belief is reconfirmed on a daily basis. How can you appreciate something if you’ve always had it? If you have never questioned its existence? Let’s say you have always received the latest gaming console every single time it hit the market.

Too soon it becomes an expectation, not a gift. You don’t see the real value in it; you fail to see the love your parents send along with that. What kind of existence is that? Take the presence of your parents which was always a given, natural, and when you hit primary school you meet kids who are raised by a guardian and realise that it is, in fact, a privilege, it gives you some insight on worse alternatives. You are confronted by reality.

The privilege of starting from the bottom

Privilege is perspective. Real privilege is the ability to differentiate between what is important and what are mere add-ons and this is easier to do if you started off with nothing. Nowadays, I burst with pride if I can pay half the rent or I managed to guess the perfect shade of flowers my mother likes. Struggles bring a family closer together and if you’ve never struggled for anything in your life, it makes it difficult to appreciate an unburdened day.

We aren’t rich in cash but we are rich at heart. Starting at the bottom isn’t all bad. We are rich with perspective and we are rich in knowledge. The money will never reflect what’s important because money only equates to security when it comes down to it. I know I would be an obnoxious adult, the one that is rude to waiters and seems to walk around with a stick up their butt. But I worked in retail, I served those horrible customers and I did the minimum pay jobs.

What really matters

You go on holiday and it isn’t the luxury hotel rooms that are the highlight but the company. So know that simply because you are starting at the bottom you’re still on your way of working yourself up, your struggles shape you, particularly those bitter, difficult, tear-filled ones. You need those bumpy roads, U-turns, and roadblocks to appreciate when you finally hit the motorway. Yeah, you’re still at the bottom, but only in your wallet, not in your mind.


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  1. So true. I was happier with my family when we were living in a small house without nice things- where they spent time with me than when we lived in a big house where all they cared about was work.

  2. Privilege is perspective, well said. There are many who have all the money in the world and are still unhappy. I’m glad the upbringing of an “underprivileged” and wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting perspective. I have always knew those concepts but never saw it the way presented. Keep up the great work! Have a great day!!

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