Make and take your wins

Make and take your wins was the lesson learned from a day that started like any other. I woke up and hit the gym (I’m lying). I got home and started to look for a key my mum lost a while ago. It’s a key to a little jewellery box that she needs open by Saturday – for a wedding.

The case study

So I’m lying flat on my stomach, reaching under the bed, trying to find a 2-inch item. Then a thought strikes me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to try lockpicking. No, not in an ‘I want to rob you’ way, not even in an ‘I want to show off to my mates’ way. Just in an ‘I’m James bond’ way.

Back then as a kid, I didn’t have access to the internet. So I googled ‘pick lock with paperclip’ because that’s all this James bond has lying around at home. I found a plier and started messing around bending the paper clips as instructed in the YouTube videos and after cleanly snapping two in half, I had my tools.


A thousand hours later

I won’t bore you with the exact instructions but I read them. Fast forward 45 minutes and I’m slowly starting to get frustrated. But still, I’m glued to that stupid box. I promised myself that I won’t take my shower until I get this box open. After a while, I actually decided to take in the instructions rather than listening to the first few minutes and  wrenching those paperclips in and out like a retard. I finally understood the mechanism of how a normal lock and key works. I finally heard the little ‘click’ and found my paperclip turning the cylinder clockwise – I was euphoric.

What I learned

There is a lesson in this, I swear. The lesson is this; life might not be moving at the pace you want it to but you can take steps to make each day a win. It means you have to be pro-active and you have to create little goals for yourself; cooking a certain dish, drawing something, writing a terrible poem or even fulfilling childhood dreams. The one thing that free time (or your first year at Uni) gifts you with is time.

It turned out however that the jewellery that my mum needed wasn’t in that box after all but that’s beside the point. I was back to the BB days (Before Bond) and looking for the a different key manually once again.

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  1. You are goals. At one point I started to amass a collection of books and articles on the art of pick pocketing/murder methods/decomposition of bodies, etc. My search history remains cleared.

    1. You’re too kind, thank you. Haha hey, your browser history is no one’s business but yours (apart from the FBI maybe, in your case). I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to divulge that information to me though – colour me flattered.

      1. I only became truly concerned about the FBI when I started researching the type of powder people use to blow things up (COMPLETELY book-related, I promise. One of my characters has to dispose of an inconvenient wall). Learning how to pick a lock is on my bucket list. Right up there with touring the world (which ain’t gonna happen anytime soon because I have, like, three dollars).

  2. Yesshh I think you’re definitely on some list by now, but I will totally buy your book excuse so I don’t feel paranoid to be linked to you by association. Hey, I had three pounds but now, since brexit, I’m guessing it’s worth less than even your three dollars. Don’t feel bad, it’ll happen. If not you can always work on those browser history things in the meantime… disposing of a body sounds mildly interesting?

  3. I find myself coming back to this post. I’m intrigued by the way you make simple actions sound incredibly interesting.

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