Real-life emotions – can you manufacture a feeling in order to write about it? Or sing about it? The greats have done it, great lyricists have written beautiful love songs having never fallen themselves.

You can extract so many things from the environment around you without personal experience. The ability to imagine what it feels like to be in love. You can identify with its symptoms as much as you can because you probably had a crush before. So you put that down on paper and amplify it while inputting notions of love that you have picked up from the outside world.

Real-life emotions in others

You observe other people’s pain and lay it down in your own words. So many things are defined for you and love is one of those things that is often defined for us. From rom-coms to love songs to how you ought to react when you catch your loved one cheating on you; for some reason, you beat up the person your significant other is cheating with. This is as opposed to challenging the person who is directly hurting you. It makes no sense. Thanks to thousands of songs, movies and shows, however, this is how you are likely to react to now.

If someone wrote a song about something they’ve never personally experienced but the song makes you feel every emotion the lyricist intended you to feel, it is a mark of a great writer. A writer who is able to place himself/herself in a position that is a personally untapped arena to them can still convincingly deliver the message that they want to and spark the emotions that they want their listeners to feel.

Have you ever manufactured real-life emotions ?