What else can Fitness do for you?

Fitness all the way! Yep, that Six-Pac though. I mean those bulging biceps? Not that either? Er…muscly legs? Okay, I’m out.

My first epiphany came when I was going about my day, finding myself be annoyed that the walk from my room to the toilet is too long. Yes…that was er…new low point. Thankfully though, there is a mirror in the loo and I came face to face with some literal perspective and took up fitness the very same day and have been on it ever since.

Fitness in my life

First thing’s first; cardio has never been my favourite. I  enjoy sports (basketball, football etc.) but taking the boring part of it (running) and having to do that for 45 minutes every day is a bloody pain.

I don’t jump out of bed happy, knowing I’m going to be working out for an hour and a half. Let’s be real; Sports doesn’t make me that happy. But it does do something.

It helps me from straying into the deeper, darker corners of my mind. The feeling of overpowering negative self-reflection when you are awake at night, trying to catch some Zs and it takes you through a loop of harsh self-critique.

What fitness does

Fitness is as physical and effective as it gets to stop your mind from hibernating and rolling around in self-judgement.

Because you are clearly doing something. Improving on something. So while I dislike running, I love what it stands for and what it stops me from doing. So even if other areas of your life are lacking (where my career at yo?), you are working on something not to mention witnessing the fruits of your labour. Fitness puts you in full control. Us humans like control. Control over ourselves, not Kim Jong-Un type control. Control over our decisions, our happiness and our lives.

Sadly, I’ve never been quite spiritually in tune to meditate successfully. So physical activity is the next best thing and thankfully, gives me ways to win in more ways than just one.

So if fitness and general health aren’t enough reason for you to give it a go – maybe the mental wellbeing it gifts you with will.

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  1. Great post. I agree with everything – even the mediation which I keep saying that I will eventually do. I think I love the instant satisfaction of fitness. It’s far more guaranteed, than with anything else.

    1. Thank you! Totally, meditation takes a different kind of strength and discipline – one I haven’t been able to tap into. Running in comparison comes a little more naturally. Yeah, definitely quick results. Cheers for commenting!

  2. I do running but not because I like it. It just takes up less time than going the gym or whatever. As for walking!! You have to do nine hours to use up calories equal to a malteser!

    1. Yeesh. I don’t think I have nine hours to spare. I think speed-walking does a tonne more in comparison. Gym isn’t part of my equation either, I have a treadmill at home so it’s very practical.

  3. I like to exercise when it’s natural things I want to do (going on trips, walk in the park, sky diving), but can never make it a habit.. Help?

    1. I think maybe if you prepare for the workout the evening before? As in, have your water bottle and sporty clothes ready, it gives you less of an out. It takes roughly 28 days to form (or break) a habit so I’m sure it’d get easier with time!

      1. Hee hee, I wish my body and mind are as willing as my ambitions. Great reminder, 28 days really isn’t that long! I just need to be that consistent. 😀

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t get any links or I’d have thanked you! That is incredibly kind, I’m so flattered! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy the content, I always keep up with your work too and enjoy it a tonne.

  4. Well if you go to my page and look for the Mystery Blogger it is a ways down. Should be categories for awards. I have 3 now. It is the Mystery Blogger, and I believe all the rules are on it. You were the first of the people in the list I picked. Just copy rules if you want to participate. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. I wrote because I love it, every part of it. All from my phone too. Been a couple font debacles but other than that it works. So I go with it. Yeah anyways your blog is awesome! Take care. Lisa

  5. Hi, I’m late but thank you for checking out my post on my blog, it’s great bc it’s brought me to yours! Very good writing and interesting prompts! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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  7. Meditation is difficult even for the best tae kwon do master; it requires a degree of mastery over the control of your thoughts. I love fitness too! I ran track in clubs for 10 years and in high school as well. Back in high school, i had a terrible ex who hated how i looked in my red booty spandex shorts that i had to race in, and that combined with my personal anxieties and shin splints which almost led to stress fractures caused me to eventually quit toward the end of my high school career. i’ve recently started an instagram account in order to garner attention for my blog and ive been having so much fun with it! Working out has been a part of my weekly routine forever now so it led naturally to me deciding to begin recording myself working out. There will be more posts to come on my blog regarding exercise. I’m so glad fitness has made its way into your life as well.

    1. Yeah! I’m sure in the future, I’ll take the time and effort to work on meditation, but I think I’m still somewhat immature for that.

      Woah 10 years! That’s commitment. Pardon my french but your ex sounds like a huge fucking prick. No one looks bad in red booty spandex shorts lol.

      Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with fitness, it’s perfect if you can make your passion be a healthy one as an add on.
      I’d love to see the workout vids, that’s awesome. Thank you for the comment, glad you related! Fitness definitely adds some purpose to your life even if everything else can kinda suck.

      1. I know right, thats what happens when youre 15 and dumb 😣😤 Yes i have lots of aspirations but thats all talk. Ill have more posts out about it soon! Exactly, endorphins are really important and exercise is a healthy stress release.

      2. Haha I think being 15 and dumb kind of go hand in hand. Show me a teenager who isn’t riddled with self-esteem issues and made worse by bad company. I think those feelings only slowly change with age and experience with people who value you rightly.
        Lol well hey, aspirations start with thought, and then talk before getting realised through action; I’d say you’re on your way!
        Sweet, I’ll wait patiently ^^

  8. I completely agree! I need to do some sort of fitness for my mental health. I like to get up most days and run before work- not particularly because I enjoy it but sets me up for the day 🙂 you’re so right, it’s about so much more than just physical benefits 🙂

  9. Very relatable. Is getting up at 4:30 every morning fun for me, no, but it is worth it for what I’m building out of myself, absolutely. The mental and physical fitness, and the escape from lesser areas of live, exactly what its about for me and you captured it well.

    1. Yessh 4.30. I thought I had it bad, I respect the grind. Anything worth having is worth fighting for – you gotta work for it. Applies to most things in life right? Glad you enjoyed the post man, thanks for the comment!

  10. Interesting perspective! I wrote something similar about how the gym can teach so many lessons like discipline, perseverance, patience, etc. What kind of exercise do you currently do? I lift and I LOVE it. If you run and you really hate it, maybe try looking for a type of workout that you enjoy. All the best!

  11. “It helps me from straying into the deeper, darker corners of my mind”<— the only reason why everyone should workout. Also for meditation, you could do 10 deep breaths a day to start with. or 3 🙂

  12. Couldn’t agree more! Fitness should be light and fun. People need to try and find gratification and excitement in health and fitness…not pain and suffering 🙂

  13. even I could never meditate for longer than 5 seconds. And now I can go at it for 7 to 10 minutes. What i suggest if you really want to try is trying out transcendental meditation. It helps you focus too. And working out in itself is a form of meditation.

  14. From the heart! I Really respect this.

    As a soft tissue specialist, movement analyst and performance coach who runs his own clinic, I commend your honesty and subject matter.

    I don’t often say this to many people and am not the type of person to usually comment.

    I have a recent post you may enjoy called “I used to be a body builder, before I grew up,” it’s a 6000 word spiel, but it deals more with the clinical element of soft tissue principality, biotensegrity and psychology rather than the generic outlook of “fitness.”

    Give it a read some time if you are ever free. If you like it, if you agree with it, then let’s work on some online ideas together? I have a platform through my clinic and I’m looking for more people’s stories to be able to share for motivation, to help others.

    If not…then take care and keep doing you!

    From reading the comments on this feed you are obviously inspiring people, which inspires me.


      1. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        You speak from the heart, with fire and purpose.

        Regardless of what it is you are talking about, wrong or right, it has to be respected from the way you put yourself on the line.

        You don’t find that in many people.

        I’m trying to bring together people who believe in something that’s more than material, with passion, who can inspire others.

        Maybe even online podcasts etc etc.

        My email address is leecleaver@mail.com

        Keep doing you!

      2. Hey man,

        I appreciate that.

        I read your suggested post – very powerful. I do agree, it often seems like anything from our motivations, intentions and goals are coming from the wrong place. There is a whole lot to deconstruct, no doubt we seem to be on a collective downwards spiral in that aspect. Much like you,I think we need to reevaluate our priorities. Better reasons that aren’t just paper-thin but goes beyond the skin.

        That sounds really interesting, I like the ambitions! The email address you provided – is that supposed to be ”gmail” not ”mail”? Because my outlook doesn’t seem to validate the address.



      3. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life. I really do appreciate it.

        I love the way you think.

        I haven’t been online for a while but I’m back on. I will be in touch.

        Hope you are well. Keep doing you!

        The email address is mail.com


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