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What else can Fitness do for you?

Fitness flexing

Fitness all the way! Yep, that Six-Pac though. I mean those bulging biceps? Not that either? Er…muscly legs? Okay, I’m out.

My first epiphany came when I was going about my day, finding myself be annoyed that the walk from my room to the toilet is too long. Yes…that was er…new low point. Thankfully though, there is a mirror in the loo and I came face to face with some literal perspective and took up fitness the very same day and have been on it ever since.

Fitness in my life

First thing’s first; cardio has never been my favourite. I  enjoy sports (basketball, football etc.) but taking the boring part of it (running) and having to do that for 45 minutes every day is a bloody pain.

I don’t jump out of bed happy, knowing I’m going to be working out for an hour and a half. Let’s be real; Sports doesn’t make me that happy. But it does do something.

It helps me from straying into the deeper, darker corners of my mind. The feeling of overpowering negative self-reflection when you are awake at night, trying to catch some Zs and it takes you through a loop of harsh self-critique.

What fitness does

Fitness is as physical and effective as it gets to stop your mind from hibernating and rolling around in self-judgement.

Because you are clearly doing something. Improving on something. So while I dislike running, I love what it stands for and what it stops me from doing. So even if other areas of your life are lacking (where my career at yo?), you are working on something not to mention witnessing the fruits of your labour. Fitness puts you in full control. Us humans like control. Control over ourselves, not Kim Jong-Un type control. Control over our decisions, our happiness and our lives.

Sadly, I’ve never been quite spiritually in tune to meditate successfully. So physical activity is the next best thing and thankfully, gives me ways to win in more ways than just one.

So if fitness and general health aren’t enough reason for you to give it a go – maybe the mental wellbeing it gifts you with will.

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