Be Human

Within the term Be Human, the ‘Human’ accounts for so many things. Maybe a few popular ones would be intelligence, polluters, and conquerors.

But when we request humanity, it is empathy we request, Feelings. Not all these things that are bigger than the individual but processes that go through your very own mind.

Be human to experience

Be human, feel something. Understand someone else’s pain. Feel empathy. Have moral values.

At the end of the day, feelings are what drives action. Whether it is the technological advancement of an entire civilisation; perhaps it comes from ambition, perhaps it is the desire for status, respect or simply to leave a mark on the world before you quit.

War too may come from greed or good intentions.

It is simply a reminder that first and foremost, what make us human is our ability to empathise and our system of complex feelings we feel at every moment.

It is the driving force behind all, whether this is boredom or a strong desire for change.

So from time to time, why not indulge in your feelings, knowing that it will lead to action?



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