What the hell are they saying?

Here we go

What the hell are they saying when the TV host leans towards their guest at the end of the show and the music starts playing.

Sports huddles?

In romcoms where one leans into the other’s ear and whispers something and has one follow the other to their room.

When you walk about and see a person talk to someone else and point to something behind you where there is absolutely nothing?

What the hell are they saying during football, when the ref pulls out a yellow card.

When you can see through to your bosses room, their eyes flick towards your desk and you know they are talking about you.

You are at the dinner table. Your mini nephew and niece whisper to each other look at the plant and laugh. I actually don’t need to know this one. It’s probably stupid. Kids aren’t too bright.

What the hell are they saying when the air hostess looks worried, speaking to fellow hostesses during some serious ass turbulence.

Watching politicians speak to men in black suits and dark sunglasses.

When someone is muttering in their sleep and it isn’t audible enough.


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