‘The Audacity of Hope’

The Audacity of Hope was a phrase used by President Obama (then still a senator) in 2004 during a keynote speech at the Democratic convention in Boston.

It is an act of rebellion in a world that suppresses hope in so many ways.  It is to dare to believe in a better future. You dare to find a higher purpose, higher values and higher expectations than perhaps society allows you to.

Hope in authentically being yourself

In a world where being yourself is an act of rebellion, trying to achieve more is revolution itself. It is a drive, a motivator and the optimist within you.

Hope is a chosen mindset, it is by extension born from positive thinking. It may even drive you away from realism; maybe it is what you do to escape some bitter realities.

Perhaps you are only surviving by thinking about a better tomorrow. It may stop you from living for today.

Of course, politics takes a good amount of future prediction. If one thing history has taught us is that acts of yesterday define our tomorrow. History doesn’t forget and pushes into the future. It leaks into today, into our beliefs and therefore our actions.

Is hope a trap for the individual, however? Could it synonymous to day dreaming? Is it a battle between realism and philosophy? The battle of the thinker vs the actor, the conundrum of thought vs execution?

Do we engage in hope for selfish reasons?

Do we engage in hope during a process of change or is it your standby mode?

Does it stop you from settling in the now?

Or manage your anxiety?

Does it do good?

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      1. You ARE young! Give me a break, if you are considered old, I don’t want to live in this world.

        Sounds interesting loool! Americans and the British have some weird ass quirks.

  1. That’s awesome! Hey, age is strictly a case of mind over matter. I felt old when I turned 25. My sister feels old turning 30 next year, My ma is complaining that she’s going to hit 60 in a few years. We are happy, intelligent people and age really is just a side thing.

  2. “You dare to find a higher purpose, higher values and higher expectations than perhaps society allows you to.” Really liked this thought. I think all dreamers are rebels, but also all big achievers have been dreamers before. As long as you turn your hope/your dream into action, you’re living a much more quality life than all those who think that they are not allowed to reach for the stars but rather should stick to an average, boring life cause it’s ‘safe’.

  3. Hope is one of the strongest words in English, and you are reviewing it as a noun, it is better if you view it as a verb, an action to be precise. Hope is an always executed operation in us, defying the laws of nature, bending the logic, breaking the threshold of your capabilities, shattering the fourth wall. View hope as that way, it helps a lot, it is an act. Your other writings are really good, loving the way that you write that entertains you and the readers. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    1. Okay, I am beyond impressed with your comment. Your take is great, I tend to process most things as nouns to make it a more graspable concept. Of course, I lose out on value like you put out, definitely something I need to look into. Btw, great use of my own blog name, really got me there! Thanks for your kind words man, I will definitely read up on your work once I get home (I am procrastinating at work) but I am sure to find more such wisdoms in your own posts.

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