You ultimately need to play the game. You are presented with quite literally a limitless amount of routes you can take. Much like the butterfly effect, each action trickles into the next. So, something small like having your lunch ten minutes later can affect your tomorrows.

The paths you can take to play the game

Now here’s one goal, to which again, there may be limitless amounts of possibilities to get to; become England’s Prime Minister. It’s supposed to be big and stupid (and not something I’d want to do) but stick with me.

How many paths do you think, you could take (assuming or pretending that you are a British citizen) to move in that direction and eventually accomplish it? I should tell you, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was thousands. Of course, in comparison, all the steps you can take to go in the opposite direction would actually be closer to limitless than the alternative. The point is, becoming Prime Minister is a huge, far off dream. But there is a path in the sand that you can follow. It may be a long path, you might fall off it on the way, but it’s there.

Play the game

Aim for the dream

Now consider your dream job; Writer, Youtuber, singer, accountant, whatever. Think about just how many things you can do right here right now to move you in that direction. Some of these things are of course completely unpredictable, but not all things are a universe mystery. Some things are blatantly obvious. You open a blog; you are now one step closer to achieve something to do with writing. 1+1=2.

Think of it as a game. Sometimes the mundane and the extraordinary mingle and you actually encounter it day in day out. It’s up to you to become aware of it. If you see your world as a game where you have a limitless amount of choices, options and paths you can take, everything becomes achievable. So, achieving something incredible like becoming the Prime Minister, is done through mundane actions (just check out Theresa May’s CV).

It’s what you want

Those actions shouldn’t be mundane to you, however, because you have your goal in sight. You recognise the path and the goal it leads to. So you can’t help but get excited with every step forward. You recognise it for what it is. It’s probably mundane to everyone else though, don’t sweat it. Just walk your own path, know where you’re going and stick to it. You just have to play the game.

You failed your A levels? Oh crap, it’s one of those games where you have to start back from the beginning again? Okay, now you’re having a bit of a temper tantrum and throw your controller to the floor. Still, you pick that shit up the next day and are back on it because you just need to finish the game. Just keep playing the game.