Rejecting the norm?

How come we fear the process of rejecting the norm? Don’t you think it strange that we spend most of our lives with people we haven’t chosen? I am talking about your office neighbours. You didn’t choose them, they didn’t choose you. We didn’t go through some psychological metric test to see if we are compatible. It’s your work based skill and experience that brought you here and among these people. You see them more often and longer than your family, your friends, your significant other, even your kids. You can absolutely dislike them but make-do. That’s what adults do.

Compromising instead of rejecting the norm completely

So we try and make it as comfortable as possible. You go out of your way to give these people second chances when perhaps you’d have fake numbered these people instantly if you met them on the street. Different terms and conditions apply. You have to try and keep the peace as much as you can because you are stuck. You are almost married to these people, only this marriage contract is hard-core.

It just points to the existence of a set framework and structure where you have to put up with things where if you had the choice, you wouldn’t. Other set structures of the 9-5. Train timetables. Your bedtime, all these things are imposed on you by society and you have to work it from within. Then you start to wonder if you’re okay with this way of life. If you’re okay with working for another, making another’s dreams come true rather than work on your own.


I think this is where entrepreneurs are born. Kids in school who just didn’t do well. The accepted structure of academia being the only acceptable one at that age and certain kids not being attuned to this way of learning. Questioning. Looking for alternatives. The rejection of this whole concept and the search for something better. I don’t think that’s a bad way to go, do you?


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