Writer’s block

I’m a freelance writer and I have a certain amount of articles I have to write on a weekly basis. I say have to, it’s a choice and I love it. It’s a lot of fun; I get a lot of satisfaction after re-reading a piece for the 10th time and genuinely liking it. It’s interesting really, while I am in the process of relaying my words I don’t think of it as a whole piece, I think of it as a therapeutic process. It is after re-reading my paragraphs that I start to analyse whether there is a rational flow and if it is relaying the emotions I have/had while writing it.

Writing has always been precious to me but only in the last few years has it become a valuable outlet to my thoughts and feelings, questions even. Philosophical conundrums, internal conflicts and the need to share the lessons learned in order to affect change in someone else. When I hear feedback, whether that’s from my editor or from readers, it’s really an exhilarating feeling to know that you have managed to entertain/motivate/or challenge people with the words that you put out.

I believe it’s quite impossible to write without a purpose, even if you write because you are bored and you just found yourself opening up a word document.  There’s already a motive in your writing; to alleviate yourself of that boredom i.e. you are writing to entertain, even if it’s to entertain only yourself. The only issue that really comes with doing this is that you will experience a lack of ideas at some point; it’s not a lack of motivation. You are keen to type, keen to create but it has to be something new and original. Not a previous piece you’ve written before that has been rehashed where it contains the same message with a different arrangement of vocabulary.

Nor ought it to be something you are acutely aware of is already out there, been covered in full where you have nothing new to add. Surely you don’t want to knowingly parrot. Whether it is brand new insight or simply taking an alternative angle, you want to introduce something original. I ask you this; how many times have you read lists of ‘how to be positive’ and how often has one piece moulded into another one you read just the day before? It doesn’t mean the writer didn’t work hard, nor does it mean that a reader is not going to get anything out of it. It simply means that you and your writing won’t stand out, which, as a writer is detrimental. Your style of writing is something like your DNA. It has to be yours and yours only and people have to be able to coin it under your name and recognise it as yours.

So when faced with the issue of writer’s block for fear of repetition, it is a roadblock I hit regularly. I tend to think I’d much rather write nothing than contributing some cheap replica of text that is already out there. So, much like any other creative individual, I look for motivation; the closest source is the internet. So I google for ideas but none of them are really topics that I can relate to and make my own. For me, if I find a concept that I can use I will have an anecdote to use and follow through the entire article in the first few minutes. This is because the concept speaks to me because of the anecdotes. For me, anecdotes are merely the reason behind why certain topics appeal to you and the act of putting it into words. If they don’t come in naturally, the topic probably isn’t for me.

So you read other articles, you read inspirational quotes and listen to music. While you are enjoying all these things, it doesn’t do the thing that you meant it to; no potential trigger of ideas is. So I do what I am doing now. I describe the process and struggle of writer’s block. Why? Because I’m writing something and at some point, it will lead me somewhere, like a piece of the very wall I’m trying to break through.


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  1. [ Smiles ] I will help you out here: think like a journalist; something is always happening around you (Try writing about that).

    Writer’s block is usually a bad case of anxiety. Get rid of the anxiety and writer’s block will depart!

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    1. Thanks man! Yeah, it was definitely copyright issues that I wanted to avoid and since I suck at drawing I thought it’d be a quirky thing to do. Now it’s kind of fun, but I only scribble these doodles for the blog, I am not actually passionate about drawing in and by itself. So it’s just a fun plus for my blog.


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