‘In a world where you can be anything at all – be kind ‘

Be kind – it makes for the best moral center.

It’s the smaller things in life

Little trinkets. A smile, helping your mum carry those groceries, driving your friend to the airport, buying the next round. Letting your sister watch what she wants on TV. Forgiving. Teaching. Not needing credit when it is yours for the taking. Walking slower to match their steps. Sharing your Netflix account. Keeping those plants watered. Appreciating. Giving way to a driver. Leaving a tip. Saying thank you. A hug, a morning greeting, a text to check someone’s well-being. Being there for someone without having to be asked. Saying hi to the new guy at work. Laughing at someone’s unfunny joke. Encourage, motivate, be present.

To be kind

It is so easy to be kind because it doesn’t require you to run into a burning building. It’s the accumulation of the little things. Things that are immeasurable, things that you have internalised and repeat on your day to day. It’s what you do without thinking. What you do without considering karma or whatever is to come after you are done with this life (if there is anything at all). Your values make you and the best value is kindness.

From personal satisfaction, from seeing the good reflect in the world you live in. From being able to sleep at night.

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