Collecting clutter and attaching meaning

Attaching meaning to pointless crap is a habit. When your phone alerts you that your storage is full. So you manually look through your apps, pics and vids to find stuff that is ultimately unnecessary. I keep my phone tight as these alerts are devastating.  It’s a huge drag to stop, take the time, analyse and make decisions you’d rather not. Say every few months to take a retrospective peek and find thousands of files you have to look through. So quite literally every week during my commute to or back from work, I scroll through all my garbage and do one thing; de-clutter, move those worth something onto my external hard drive and have my phone nice and clean.

Attaching meaning for a reason to cling on

A metaphor for you to get rid of pointless garbage in your life- empty your junk folder and deleted items and stop storing these, thinking you might one day need them. One day already came and went – it’s in your past. Walk away. 

Damn is it time to stop allowing your thoughts to stray towards the unnecessary, the irrelevant and the downright damaging. Put your foot down. Weigh your options carefully and cut the cord where you know you ought to. Whether that is a relationship, a problematic past or guilt that you’re carrying with you where you’ve already learned the lessons but still hold onto it as a masochistic routine. We make mistakes, it’s human nature but guilt is worth little unless you take the lesson and apply it in due time. Once you do that, carrying these unnecessary emotions is all but useful. Get decluttering, the only place where hoarding is a good thing is on Pinterest.

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