Mindset glasses

A mindset is what I see as metaphorical-philosophical glasses (that is what it is, I refuse to change the name into something that I can actually say out loud). You may wear a different pair each day; drastically different to the one you wear on a Friday night to the one you wear on a Monday morning, but they paint your day, your week, and/or your years to come.

If you find a crack in those glasses, if they tinge your vision with grey as opposed to highlighting the vibrant colours of beautiful landscapes you walk past on the daily, it might be time to buy a new pair. If only it were as easy as to walk into Specsavers and take advantage of the two for one deal for £69, life would be that much easier. Life, however, shows us that it takes a little longer, a little patience, a little pain and many, many lessons to be able to change a mindset to a healthy one.

The great thing about a mindset is it has so many settings, settings that are on your remote control and can adjust to your liking (yes, we’re onto the second metaphor now). Sure, you might need to pop in some new batteries because you’ve been throwing the remote around, lost a few batteries, damaged buttons and all. Because your experiences, rejections and every other negative thing you’ve gone through can roughen you up a bit to the point where you have to press those buttons just a little harder, where you need more powerful batteries or you may even buy a remote control, but it will always be in your hand.


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