How do you know it’s your passion?

Here’s a new one; I’ll give you the answer in the second sentence as opposed to in the conclusion. It’s when you know you’d still do it whether people are watching or not, whether you get status or not, whether it has a potential of cash flow or not. I.e. it is completely unhinged from anyone or anything.

The only connection and the only fuel that allows you to immerse yourself in it is the fact that you find it worthwhile. Of all the other things you could be doing instead, you are drawn to this one thing, consistently and continuously. Your world view is coloured by this one thing. It’s your go-to hobby, your go-to conversational topic and your go-to escape.

No, you don’t have to be good at it to love it, but you know for sure you’d love it more if you were. So, you want to be. Not for any external benefits and add ons that come in the shape of money or status, but because of how it, in turn, makes you feel. It isn’t contingent on anything else but you.

It’s a title you would love to have by your name, it’s a thing you take pride in and once engaged, garners and maintains your full attention – with ease. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. Once you stop, you miss it.

You are so drawn to it that sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you were the one who chose it or it was the one that chose you because it seems so requited. It’s truly innate and allows you to fall into place. A place where you feel whole, where you feel all of you is accepted and all of you is represented.

It acts as a personal identifier of you and you find it reveals more about you than your Tinder profile ever will. Ha.



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