Since I started my blogging journey I have learned a tonne of shit but also the fact that I just don’t know a whole lot. I won’t bore you with a list of what I have learned, those can be insanely mind-numbing and let’s face it – self-indulgent. Instead, I’ll share the one main lesson I’ve learned; I don’t know shit. I don’t understand what makes a piece good, what makes a piece bad, what people will like and what will count as boring. What to mention, how to mention it and most of all; why. I am quite literally driven by my own intuitions, bias and feelings = eurgh. I know.

I don’t know what you like

My most liked post on my blog is one about fitness – one that still gets likes for some reason and don’t get me wrong; I am super happy that there is a piece in here that continuously and consistently strikes a chord with people. I couldn’t be more pleased. You’ll notice though, that’s the only post I’ve ever written about fitness because I’m not a fitness enthusiast. I am one who believes in it, who made space for it in her own life, it but not one who embraced it as a singular passion. Just someone who sees gains in it and therefore, of course, recommends it.

Which makes for a better content?

I think the fact that I have no clue what my readers want is also a bit of a relief. It means I am not constantly supplying the demand of others, while not supplying for my own. It’s weird but not fully understanding, the fact that I don’t know is somewhat liberating as a writer. It’s an excuse to keep writing what you want and hope that from time to time, you get a comment that says it resonated.

So many questions…

What kind of content do you look for when looking through blogs? Are you grabbed by the title or image more? Or the little snippet you can read before clicking into it? Humour? Sarcasm? Lists? Short content or really long ones? What language do you prefer – formal or informal? What topics? How do you like these explored? Do you like a first person tell or a story from the third person? So many questions and all, I’m sure, incredibly diverse in each and every single one of you. Kind of cool isn’t it? You can post something that doesn’t stand out to anyone but one – that ultimately makes it worth your time doesn’t it?