Taking control

Your thoughts can suck it out of you if you let it and taking control is difficult. Fortunately, the opposite stands true too. What this means for you is it throws the ball into your court, permanently. You are essentially in control of every single situation you find yourself in.

You can take control. You can choose to take it by the reigns or allow it to take over you instead. This means taking a hell of a lot more responsibility for your life and its outcomes. This can be quite daunting but it stops forcing you into the position of a passive reactor. Cease to be an audience member to your own life. Simply reacting to situations saps the power out of you but you are the main character of your life. You play the main role. Why the hell would you play Robin if the Batman suit is hanging in your wardrobe?

Flex your mindset

Much like you train your soon-to-be-visible 6-pack abs or even your brain itself, a mindset is like a muscle you work on. Did you not sit through school packing in those huge blocks of texts in hopes of memorizing them for just the next 48 hours? Did your brain not just slightly panic when flicking through how much more you had to cram in? The same lesson persists (assuming that you passed, which I, of course, did not). – taking control is a necessity

Taking control keyboard key

It is the force of habit that you break; the abstinence of seeking out negative risks to a decision and instead focusing on what is to be gained. Did you get fired? This exact moment in time is most likely the best chance for you to start afresh. Maybe enter an industry you are more interested in or explore the unexplored. Years merely mean we add to that bucket list. Finding yourself with less of a structure means just that; there is no structure to hold you in place. You are in free fall – take advantage of it.

Train in taking control

Sometimes it is not just positive thinking but simply seeing things as they are. Recognising the whole picture rather than focusing on the more daunting part, sadly we need more training in reading the good because we are naturally inclined to pick out the bad. Remember the night out you had with your friends? You were in the presence of great company and great food but the one thing that stood out for you the day after was the rude waiter. It was the rude waiter that was the talking point from there on out. The significance of shifting your way of thinking lies in how it affects your physical response proportionately. You know how to shrug off the bad experiences and know to hold tightly to the ones that matter.

‘If you can change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer


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  1. Loved the blog as per usual 😉 and totally agree, changing your thinking about the situation and seeing opportunities even in bad situations is essential.

  2. This is exactly the mindset change I have been trying to work on myself, and the whole reason I started my newest blog. As a kid I loved the movie Pollyanna, and one of my favorite lines is a quote they attribute to Abraham Lincoln, “If you look for the good, you will surely find it.”

    It is not always easy, and I still catch myself being negative and personally destructive, but when you look for the good and find reasons to be grateful, your whole mindset changes.

    Thanks for the great reminder.

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