Remember inception? That huge blockbuster that came out in 2010 that essentially drove you crazy by leaving you with a tonne of unanswered questions? I’m talking about that stupid spinning top where we were left questioning everything – essentially mistrusting Cobb’s sanity itself? Yeah, that one. I’m still not over it.

The movie teaches us that  desires and thoughts are valuable and worth protecting as well as implementing. They are rooted so deeply within you, maybe even three levels deep, and unless you quench that thirst, it’s probably just going to grow  – until it disfigures into regret.

Gain knowledge

Knowledge is the highest currency that is available to us. You can either learn it studiously through reading and research or you can go out and experience. A mix of both would equip you with the most reliable  form of knowledge. It’d enable you to develop a worldly view. If you see your subconscious the way inception presents it as, with the use of incredible visuals, you will find that it empowers your thoughts. Greater landscapes, greater architecture, greater awareness; greater mind.

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  1. This is inspirational writing. Loved these phrases.
    “why else do you think Eve took a bite? “; “it’s probably just going to grow exponentially until it disfigures into regret.”

    Not only is the message bang on, the presentation of the message is an inspiration in itself. Good stuff!

  2. You know the movie is great when you end up questioning your own reality. Another movie that had a good question/suggestion about what’s real was Shutter Island.

      1. Matrix is a great movie. And again, what’s real? What is the reason why we can’t jump from one building to another across the street? Is it because we are told that we can’t and we believe that (unconsciously or not) ?

        Personally I am not going to try it myself and won’t recommend anyone else.

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