A dual life is two opposing forms of self-expression. It is looking in the mirror and finding a painfully obvious dichotomy of who you truly feel you are, who you want to be and what expression is then in turn reflected in the glass.

Of course, I’m not talking about the face you make on a Monday morning. Where you made the regrettable decision of going out last night when you knew you’d struggle in the morning and managed to bag just about three hours of sleep. It is more so the you that you are, that you are comfortable being and the you that you is also aspiring to be.

Find comfort in your dual life

So what do you do? Do you do a Nicki Minaj and find yourself 16 alter egos to give an outlet to all the complexities that make up the entirety of your being? There is always that option. Who am I to stunt that creativity? But there is also a way (a more practical way) to be all of that and more; by feeling comfortable in your own skin.

This is by partaking in the many ways of discovering and indulging in your own personality because that part of you is endless, dynamic and growing. Take out a notepad and write, listen to different genres of music than the ones you are used to. Take a path in your city that you have never set foot in. Find out how you feel how you react. Get to know yourself and accept it all. So if you, to your horror, find that you are becoming attached to 90s boy bands, download those songs and put them on your playlist because we all have guilty pleasures.

Galileo's discovery

We’re so damn complex

While we are incredibly complex by nature, a dual life is almost to be expected. I.e. of course you are an introvert, as much as you are an extrovert. The question is who you are at what times. It is never black and white. Nor is it ever as straightforward, linear and predictable as logic would have you believe.  Who wants to be predictable? Who wants to be fully transparent and one-dimensional at all times?

We all have parts to ourselves that we prefer to keep hidden and well away from people, parts of us that society might deem unlikable. It is when on a path of self-discovery that you learn to recognise your ‘flaws’ not as weaknesses but for what they really are; quirks that make you, you. You see, there is a thin line between your strengths and weaknesses. When Galileo first claimed that earth is not, in fact, the centre of the universe and instead orbits the sun, there were two different strands of thinking. The first of which was the collective attitude taken by most people at the time; a nonconformist, extremist who is trying to shake the existing society into chaos with his obscure ideas. Then there is today’s popular review of Galileo’s work; a man who dared to think outside the box and therefore advanced an entire civilisation.

Having a dual life and therefore a dual personality doesn’t mean these are at odds with each other. They can’t be, because they were both moulded by you. Instead, they are complementary and one side without the other wouldn’t give you the perfect end product; you.

By accepting a dichotomy- you make it less of one.