Family. It is a big term and encapsulates so much. It is a lifetime of throwing doors shut, angry walkouts, sibling bickering and rivalry, silent treatments and imposed curfews. Somehow your immediate family becomes just a little irrelevant in your teenage years where you embrace your peers as your most essential social necessity. Add some extra years on top and you might turn around, surprised that you have never noticed the group of people who have granted you unconditionally love, regardless of the awkward family occasions.

So we know this. We know how deep love runs. Sure you can utter the words and appreciate these people in that way. The greatest indication of love, however, is the time you give them. No need for a poem recital or a tearstained speech. All it takes is togetherness and you’ll be able to convey more than you could possibly put into words anyway.

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  1. I’m not sure if it is a blessing or a curse, but I never made that transition as a teenager to relying more on my friends. Family was still more important to me at the time as much as I tried to latch onto friends.

    Now I find myself wishing I had more deep sincere friends that I could talk to and communicate with.

    In all relationships it really is about the time you spend together. As I look at my past and the people I was closest to it was because we spent time together. Sometimes that time was forced upon us and other times it was voluntary, but in every case time.spent together led to a much closer relationship.

    1. It doesn’t have to be friends over family at all, as long as you get your emotional needs met, wherever that is, there is no reason to say it has to come from outside of the family. This of course also doesn’t mean you can’t form new lasting relationships right now – you can.

      I agree. I had classmates who I absolutely couldn’t stand but we became close friends by the mere necessity of having had to spend time with one another 70% of the week. So I am definitely with you on that.

      Thank you for sharing man! Really love when people relate their own experiences.

      1. You are absolutely right that it doesn’t have to be friends over family, that just happened to be how it worked out for me.

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