Hypocrisy – thy name is you

Hypocrisy is the espousing of ideas or a fully-fledged ideology or moral framework. Judging others using a brush dipped in it only to find it has not been implemented by the ‘visionary’ in question.

Why the Hypocrisy?

Perhaps it’s blindness. Or maybe it is compartmentalization. One standard for you and another for your neighbour. Judging others to a different standard however usually means it lowered for others – while yours is set higher. We are more likely to cut others a break, give them the benefit of the doubt. This is because knowing ourselves as well as we do; we know we’re capable of more. Hence our realistic standards are set in stone and lowered for those we know less.

Yet you then meet those who preach, who judge and are completely blind to their very own shortcomings. But they are still using their set beliefs to judge those around them. You can’t help but wonder; do they ever look in the mirror to see exactly what is reflected or have they painted on the glass a version they want to see; whether it’s a truth or not?

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  1. That is a really interesting thought. I don’t think I have ever considered hypocrisy in that light. Generally I think of it as criticizing other people for faults that you have yourself. At the same time i often am less forgiving of my own faults like you mentioned. Both are challenging faults that only hold us back from reaching our true potential.

  2. Oh! You know. I have come across people who are other way around. Who consider themselves to be THE standard and criticise others who “fall short”. There are both kinds of people… Both falling into the same bucket of hypocrisy I guess.

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