Dumb conversations part 2. This was three years ago – I must have been around 22.

My sister had just booked us a trip to Amsterdam, as a celebratory thing for successfully finishing my master’s degree.

Now I have written a post on the issue of gaps in knowledge – which is essentially the reason this conversation happened.

The conversation

Talking about our upcoming trip to Amsterdam with Sis.
Me: What language do they speak in Amsterdam?
Sis: What do you think? What country is Amsterdam in?
Me: Ermmmm. I don’t know. I mean I will find out when I get there.
Sis: Ok so what does the name Amsterdam sound like?…
Me: Erm, I don’t know – like Russian?
Sis: 😑
Me: Probably somewhere near Germany.
Sis: Good! So what countries- forget it. It’s in the Netherlands.
Me: Really? We are going to the Netherlands?!

Three years really isn’t long enough to excuse these gaps, is it? Damnit.