Sun Tzu counters what half of us believe. The lie that we aren’t worthy on a very fundamental level. You’re incapable, you can’t measure up, you have never achieved. The other half, on the other hand, relishes every victory. It believes the smallest win to be a sign of coming world domination. That’s great man, it is, but while I enjoy bravado more than self-esteem issues, I do think that both blind to such extent that both ultimately cripple you.

Know yourself

You know what you’re good at – Sun Tzu did. I am a strong believer in no matter what your asshole pessimistic voice tells you at night, you wake up in the morning knowing full well where your talent lays. Your aptitude isn’t leaving you, it’s there to stay and for you to nurture. Yet one side of the coin doesn’t amount to any value at all without the other; weaknesses make the other half of you.

The trick is to know that you have them. Knowing that it’s within you to sort them out. If irrelevant, leave them to one side while taking all of it into consideration; your strengths and weaknesses and your potential.