Parsons Green terror attack

I love talking politics – just not on this blog. This blog is about something different entirely, more about life than the factors that govern it. I like the simplicity of it and I strongly compartmentalize when it comes to making these necessary distinctions to keep my posts about what they are. I am not interested in treading those muddy waters here. No discussion of policy, our state leaders or foreign affairs – just an observation.

I was at work when I heard about the bomb attack in Parsons Green at 8.20am (thank fuck – no casualties). I just got into work and no one wasted a breath in the office discussing it, mind you, it’s a large office. I only found out when I got a call from my mum at 9am asking if I was okay. This is because I work in central London, right near London Bridge and I also take the underground to get there. She didn’t quite know where Parsons Green was and gave me and my sister a call to give her some peace of mind (not the first time we got such a call, living where we live).

After work I took the tube, wondering if it’d be a little less crowded because of the incident this morning. Nope, still squashed like sardines – I was somewhat entertained. Still the regular newspaper readers, those listening to music, those trying to avoid awkward eye contact by reading the tube map and everyone else you usually see doing the usual things. Not one of these people decided to avert a potential risk and maybe give the underground a pass that day and hit up a bus – me included.

Somewhere in our minds, living in the city we’ve come to terms with the constant horrific risk of terrorism. Somewhere along the way, we decided that we’re still going to work, we’re still going to take our regular routes and if something terrible happens, it’ll happen. We aren’t going hide out and survive, we’d rather die while living. Humans can be incredible in just how quickly they adapt and we don’t even have to make a conscious decision to do so – we just do it. Of course, such reality shouldn’t be, we shouldn’t have to live under constant imminent threat and I am not saying ‘get used to it’ – I am just marvelling at the strength of human nature, regardless of whether it’s fair or not.


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  1. This is something I thought a lot about myself. Isn’t it amazing how we refuse to stop living our lives even when we know that death can be around the corner? After all, life prevails, not death. And love, not hate 🙂

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  2. There is a great line from a really cheesy movie called Strictly Ballroom. They say, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”

    I applaud you for refusing not to live. The moment we do that we fall into depression and die. We can’t let others from stopping us from living, whether that be terrorists or even people who say our dreams are too lofty.

    We must take control of our lives or never truly be happy.

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