Eh, Good enough.

I did horribly in my A levels and my response was just that – “good enough”. I knew I wasn’t going to get much from it and pulling that piece of paper out of the envelope on results day confirmed it. My eyes skimming the contents briefly and promptly sliding it back in, shrugging and hearing myself utter those bloody words.

Right-click the phrase and scroll down to ‘synonyms’ and you’ll find the closest alternative term to be ‘sucker’.

You’re getting ready, you have bed hair.  This stubborn strand of hair is flipped up like a mini-horn. You use hair product to make it sit. It only bounces back stronger and faster than before; fuck it, good enough.


Why it’s not good enough

It’s a way to shove your disappointment to one side because you don’t want to deal with it. You most certainly don’t want to process it. What you do want to do is completely deny how it reflects on you and your future (I may not be talking about hair anymore).

In order to swallow a bitter pill, ‘good enough’ acts as the water to get it down. But guess what? That pill is stuck in your throat because you didn’t grab the water, you grabbed the whiskey and now your throat burns like a motherfucker.

Man, settle if you set up a tent and it’s barely sitting upright and crawl into it before it falls apart at the lightest hint of a breeze. That’s good enough. Until of course, you have to haul your ass back out and set it back up from scratch.

Don’t use it so you can save your pride from getting wounded; you already know it is. That’s because you are acutely aware you could’ve done better. Take the lesson and move on.

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