Write – and how to to add some value

I enjoy the thought of waking up, having my morning tea on the weekend, opening a fresh word document and wondering and ultimately write. Just stare at the blankness of a new page and wonder if there is something I have to say, that I haven’t said before and say it eloquently.

Write and think

Consider – what do I feel strongly about?

Has anything changed me lately?

Have I had any small insight about anything at all, that hasn’t yet been covered to death already?

Is there something new to an old conversation where I can add some value to?

Can I make someone else consider a new line of thinking or reconsider a dated one?

Is it possible to create something new from scratch simply by pondering in the here and now?

Will I create something powerful?


With only your mind and the resources to jot it down and publish it – we’ve done more with less.

4 thoughts on “Write – and how to to add some value

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  1. I’ve been thinking about what to post lately that I haven’t already covered. It’s a tricky situation, but if you have a new POV on it or some different perspective then fine. Go for it and link the previous post as reference. 🙂

    Truth is everyone’s views change with time and experience.

  2. When I’m struggle to come up with new content I just walk away from the keyboard. I just get out and let my mind is actively wander. I remember once, when I first started writing on my blog, sprinting to the computer lab on campus so that I could store the thoughts in a draft before they escaped–and I absolutely love when I get that inspired, when I’m literally sprinting to a medium to jot my thoughts down.

    1. Yeah I hear ya, if inspiration strikes it takes everything to keep hold of it. I always just jot it down on my phone and elaborate later. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I noted the day before so always make sure to write as much detail as possible at that point in time.

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