Positivity in abstract

Positivity is a term people love to use in abstract. The good old jab to your stomach and a ‘just be positive man’ jibe to consult your left-over ache.  ‘Just be positive’ has become so commonplace. You forget that the accomplishment of this involves the altering of how you process thoughts, events, and interactions to an incredibly significant degree. Unlearning and relearning a habit you have had for as long as you’ve been alive. This while not necessarily turning your life upside down but making sure that the obstacles you would have met with your eyes and ears closed. You now meet with a confident smile and a cheeky wink – that’s happiness.

Positivity is everywhere

What is positivity without keeping sight of reality? It’s about taking control.

The optimist in you finds meaning in life’s downs and opportunities in the very same places; positive thinking.

It’s not the law of attraction, the universe will not automatically make happen what you’ve pasted on your vision board – you do. It is you who makes and takes active steps to take the positive out of something that resulted in far more negativity. This is because you know the latter won’t keep you going.





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