The Illusion “The world you want only exists from the outside”

.A quote revolving around the wisdom of illusion. You see what you want to see. Thus build up a deceptive image around it. Once you achieve, you find that it’s not how you imagined it to be (e.g. Pokemon Go).

You thought the riches will solve most of your problems, you can sleep in the security it offers and indulge in the luxuries unlocked. It is simply the fact that there is more to the story. The full picture of a newly found and added anxiety of potentially losing it all. When perhaps before you had nothing or little to lose, your new apprehension comes from maintaining it. The mere maintenance now requires hard work and intellect. Perhaps fused with more fear than ever before because you’ve become accustomed to a certain way of living and could not survive a reversal.

The illusion of the whole picture

Of course, from the outside, you only see 1/5th of the picture. From the inside, you may not even be able to recognise the painting you had been staring at for so long – it looks disfigured from the inside. It was an illusion all along – Dorian Grey much?

You thought you wanted to be a millionaire, but only the vision you have of it. There is a discrepancy and it’s a notable discrepancy.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t aim for the highest, bestest and biggest? Nope, it merely means that you need to manage your expectations. Do you go into your first yoga session hoping to have a spiritual awakening in the first 5 seconds? You are more inclined to hope that you don’t fall asleep. Reality tends to be far more dynamic and complex than others may have you believe. Simply knowing that with a lot of good can also come some bad is the only way to enter a new phase.




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