A few years ago I had a conversation/argument with a lecturer of mine about the talented versus the hard worker. I have no slights in telling you I am made up of the latter far more than those driven with innate ability. Like most, the effort I put in is proportional to what I get out of it while for some, “effort” is a flimsy unrecognisable term who simply do without trying.

Defining oneself as a hard worker

I pride myself on being a realist, particularly when it comes to me. Realistic about my shortcomings and realistic about my potential. But on the same token, does it at times roll into pessimism instead?

Arguing about the hard worker

A deluded worldview can directly alter your actions and outcomes for better or for worse. But my beliefs about innate talent and my lack thereof was self-imposed. I drew the lines in the sand. I decided that my capabilities can only reach so far.


I had let my previous grades influence my expectations rather than the progress I had made and my current standing. Drawing the lines and adhering to it in fear of failure automatically influences the outcome. A self-fulfilling prophecy. There are no lines, there’s only your mindset.

Perception drives reality.