What you should be learning

With the increasing amount of debate whether University is actually worth your time in terms of learning, money and of course effort, it’s an even bigger question mark when it comes to courses of the humanities. Before you think I am dissing the arts, I’m not. Both my undergraduate and postgraduate degree fall under the domain. I don’t think my time was wasted, even if ultimately, I opted for an entirely different field to work in.

Learning the Humanities

Humanities can teach you many things including social and liberal aspects of life and politics. But these are all things you can learn from so many alternative mediums. Podcasts, youtube videos, e-learning courses and of course – books. Other than an official certification, why would University be preferable? It is more so the unreplaceable skill that is critical analysis. An actual skill that will follow you into life every single day and aid you in the undertaking.

Critical Analysis

We deconstruct whatever sources we cite and find ways to undermine as well as reassure us and others of their origin. Learning is to do so confidently and persuasively. We simply learn not to take any medium at face value. Instead we find numerous sources and rate reliability as per our own judgments. Now, hopefully, when you watch the news you do not simply absorb and reproduce. You are not simply a clone of what you watch. You absorb, allow it to settle and then dissect the shit out of it. Find reasons why it can and can’t hold up. Give an ear to all, indiscriminately purely for the diversity of thought.


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  1. Wise words as always Maddie! This subject is something I grapple with quite often, with the substantial amounts of free education resources. I guess it really should be measured by how you apply the knowledge that you gain.

    1. I appreciate that! That’s a great point, application is by far the best way to prove worth. That said, I would have loved to study philosophy but the application would be virtually non existent unless your whole worldly view changes (hopefully for the better).

  2. I always find it a bit annoying when people complain that school is pointless because they’re never going to use calculus or history facts in the real world. Well, yeah, you might not need to “solve for x” in your life but you will need to use problem solving skills and, like you said, critical analysis. Education is so much more than the basic subjects we learn!

  3. I so agree with this. We need to process all info according to reason and wise judgement, other than allowing often untrustworthy sources to bias us in our way of lives. We need our own minds that think for themselves, and then other undignified and conflicting perspectives from all angles will not affect us and render us helpless.

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