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I need to have an idea in mind for me to write something worth creating and follow the lead from the inception of the idea. I can’t just type away, hoping I’ll stumble upon something worth elaborating on. It just does not happen for me. I need something in the back of my head before I put my fingers to the keys. An idea that then gives birth to a sentence that leads into the next.

Be that a quote, whoever is sitting next to me or a little poem on Pinterest. If I do stumble onto something valuable, it’s because I stumbled onto it in real life, made a note of it in my notepad, and opened a word document soon thereafter.

Intention – let it lead

Sometimes, your intention to write about one thing leads you to something else. Take the roundabout exit if that road leads to something interesting. It may be so captivating in fact, it undermines the core of your piece – so adjust. Realign your piece to make it about this new path that you’re on, don’t forge on ahead with your primary idea if the new one won’t allow you to commit fully and is splitting your attention – your mind is telling you that it may just be worth pursuing. If, however it is merely saturating an otherwise impactful string of words, make a U-turn and find your center. The center that actually motivated you to write.

It just clicks

Something clicked in you. You related something to this core. Something made you think. How, why and where? Where do you stand on it? Where does objectivity stand on it? Self-awareness. What does your inner voice sound like when you think about it? Do you sound sentimental relying purely on emotive language to convey your interpretations or does your dry and logical tone do exactly what is needed to introduce a new angle to an otherwise dated concept? Make note of your innate reaction and the interpretation that follows. Wonder why that is and ask if it digs into something deeper – perhaps revealing a fundamental truth about you – follow the lead and then challenge it.

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  1. I’ve been experiencing something all too similar the past few weeks. The result: I’ve been foregoing writing in order to pursue enriching experiences that inspire me to write. Thanks for posting, it always gets me thinking, and always gets my psyched about putting pen to paper.

  2. Solid advice. I often try to just write and write and write, but if I’m not feeling it, sometimes I have to let it go. Out what I have down and move on. You’re right, sometimes the new idea is there because that’s where your mind is headed!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I think so – have you heard of this little trick – if there’s something you can’t get out of your mind, write it down and throw it away? It’s similar to that, only in this case you might do more with it than just binning it.

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