Your Dichotomy

What you find yourself staring at is the battle between two belief systems that usually work great in unison. The mature settler and the immature dreamer. We need the first to progress in life but the latter makes sure we enjoy it. The first is about a concrete destination while the 2nd pronounces the journey and hopes for an epic end – an end that may not come to realisation. Yes, we need both, but there are times when life makes you choose. Who do you choose?

The belief in something bigger and better than what the now presents you with is like the fuel to your engine. It keeps you moving, even if you end up not actually reaching it. While the present hits the ceiling regularly, your future doesn’t. Your future is yours for the taking. Your future is an endless maze of potential success and limitless failure.

It’s hard believing in more than one thing, almost as hard as it is to believe in one thing only. There is part of you that feels, intensely at times, unbearably so. Then there is the most reliable source of your wits – logic infused with experience.

Of course, you need both, different situations require different degrees of both but what if one scenario forces to you to cleanly cut one out from the other? What kind of person do you want to be? It’s a yes, or a no, no maybe. No take-backs. Make the decision and settle for the consequences – whatever they may be. Who are you going to be?


6 thoughts on “Your Dichotomy

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    1. It’s a tough one! I think I lean towards the dreamer but if you think about it – meeting your real life necessities can only be met by the mature settler more times than not. Ultimately I suppose it’s that you need both but if a decision forces you to choose – it’s beyond difficult. But you clearly accepted the consequences of the life of the dreamer which makes you a completely legitimate advocate of that!

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  1. I would say that I’m a settler but I have high standards of what I will settle for – i.e. I work hard to make sure that I settle for better things. I feel like I definitely need to indulge the dreamer in me from time to time, and I’m working on that!

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