Understanding the value of £ – it’s just money

I’ve always found this sort of attitude incredibly calming – it’s just paper, it is just money. It forces perspective with three words, automatically sorting out your value system. It’s a reminder, one that we no doubt need.

It’s just money – it’s not happiness

Many of us tend to be a bit of a career-holic. Obsessively trying to climb that ladder, wanting bigger and better, a better title, better money, bigger desk and a shiny car with a personalised number plate. And then when we hit a bit of a speed bump and obsess when we find life is more difficult than expected. Take a moment and prioritise what is material and what is real.

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  1. Hi Maddie, it’s been awhile, life’s getting hold of us all, huh? Your new site looks amazing! I’m loving it. As always, such a nice read. I’m having some struggle with finding my passion and seeing how money ties in. Thanks for your sweet insight.

    1. Great to hear from ya! Yeah, like you won’t believe. It’s insane how much your job takes over your life. Thank you! Thought I’d put a little more time and effort into this.

      I think rather than finding a passion, perhaps just try a bunch of things and see if you feel like you’d want to do one of these things again? I mean travel is a huge one for you right?

      My pleasure! Thank you as always for reading!

      1. I definitely think that trying things out is the best way to do it. Are you finding it a passion thus far?

        Yup! Traveling is always fun to me. Now, my passion is figuring out how to fund it! hehehe.

        You always have the right words. Keep it with you. MUCH LOVE <3

      2. Passion-adjacent. I write for a living, just not what I wanna write about 😂 It’s okay, I am learning a tonne and my work is making its’ way around.

        Haha you can always go the insta route – snapshots of your travels and get paid (obviously much harder to secure than it sounds).

        You’re much too kind – thank you so much winta. Always a real pleasure hearing and reading from you. 😊

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