How do you feel about change?

Change is daunting. Humans by nature tend to be somewhat averse to the concept. Heck, even when it’s for the better such as moving to a bigger and better home – it’ll cause you some anxiety. Be it the new job which comes with a better pay and sure – more responsibilities. You will feel yourself pulling back and hesitating just a little bit. You may shiver from the unexpected drop in temperature as you step out of your comfort zone.

Growth is just that. Growth is becoming accustomed to being uncomfortable. When the uncomfortable starts to become cosy, you reach out and head off for an even rockier landscape.


Change – the new kid

If you’ve ever been the new and unpopular kid in school, you might have had the whole ‘have your lunch in the toilet cubicle rather than sit in the lunch cafeteria in close proximity of all those that judge you’ routine. It was just easier hiding; but let’s face it – while being alone may well be a comfort zone, a toilet seat is hardly comfortable. But you figured it’s just the first day, people should cut you some slack but soon enough the school cafeteria becomes unbearable. You have just nurtured your own dementor which holds an overbearing presence over you.

It’s easier if you face it from the get-go, then avoid it until it becomes almost impossible. Change will happen. If you’re not the one introducing it into your life, it’ll come for you. It’ll be imposing. If you’re the one leading it, you can exercise some control over it but if you merely let it happen to you, you just become the passive observer of your own life. Tides change, but if you have somewhere to be will you just let the sea pull you wherever it wants or are you going to row that boat as hard as you can to get where you need to be?

Accept change, spearhead it and embrace it.

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