New beginnings

I’ve been lucky to witness a new beginning for a loved one. I am starting to internalise the complexities of feelings one goes through when moving out of your mother’s home for good, buying a new house that is yours to keep forever and truly stepping out of your comfort zone that was your childhood home for so long.

New beginnings – new room

You pack up your room, your life. Your belongings almost have a soul, because they made you feel safe and secure. They made up your sanctuary for decades. That room, which saw so much of you and you simply equated with home, is losing its personality the more clutter it loses. The personality is slowly fading, the posters, photos and postcards are no longer there. You suddenly notice the wallpaper.

While new beginnings are exciting, a beginning also depicts the end of something. You can’t help but feel gutted looking around the room, attempting to make reasonable decisions of what to keep, what to trash and what holds value. Decisions you never really had to make.

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