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Shatter the Fourth Wall

Millennialism with some first word problems and a sprinkle of dry humour

Taking control

Remote control

Your thoughts can suck it out of you if you let it and taking control is difficult. Fortunately, the opposite stands true too. What this means for you is it throws the ball into your court, permanently. You are essentially […]

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Your value

Your value comes from so many things

Your value relies on your status. Your job, your income, the car you drive. Society, life and maybe even your old college friends tell you that this trio is where you get your value from. Well, dear millennial, most of […]

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Play the game

Gaming controller

You ultimately need to play the game. You are presented with quite literally a limitless amount of routes you can take. Much like the butterfly effect, each action trickles into the next. So, something small like having your lunch ten […]

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Don’t judge?

Don't judge?

Don’t judge? But we like it. We judge on demographics too (we don’t like that one too much). No, it’s not because you are an asshole, it’s just the way humans do. Judging age is more socially accepted, judging a […]

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Starting from the bottom, we’re still here?

starting from the bottom

Starting from the bottom we’re still here is not quite how life is supposed to go. If I can sum up a way to live life properly, it takes two words; attitude and perspective and you start with the latter. […]

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Surviving Family occasions

Family occasions - kids

For many of us, family occasions are rarely a cause for celebration. All of us have that weird uncle (I have two) and an aunt or two who are just a little too loud with their dated prejudices or what […]

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Using memories as escapism

memories as escapism

Memories as escapism for when things are bad. We seek shelter wherever we can. Too often our mind seeks refuge in dangerous places. Sometimes this is in self-destructive behaviours like excessive drinking or substance abuse of any sort. Then there […]

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Call assault in response to a text

Killing your smartphone

Yes, you have a friend or friends that you no longer refer to as such due to their phone etiquette i.e. call assault. We don’t trust people without phone etiquette. It’s the same as distrusting a hairdresser with terrible hair. […]

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Lazy Graduate Syndrome

lazy graduate

Follow the lazy graduate through the world of work. I am done! No more lectures, dissertations, coursework or presentations! I mean who needs school anyway amirite? Hibernation It’s real, I am going into hibernation mode. I won’t do anything for […]

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New beginnings

Beginnings - moving

I’ve been lucky to witness a new beginning for a loved one. I am starting to internalise the complexities of feelings one goes through when moving out of your mother’s home for good, buying a new house that is yours […]

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Thought leader

Thought leader speaking

What makes a thought leader? On the surface it has a lot in common with what you’d look for in a cult leader – charming, charismatic and strong. But you want something more when it comes to a legitimate movement; […]

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Consequences of Neglect – what do you do now?

neglect - running after another

Neglect – I’ve seen it time and time again. Be it romantic relationships, friendships or even familial bonds – we fall into the spiral of neglect. I’ll be truthful, I’ve been known to neglect – I can behave like absolute […]

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How do you feel about change?

Change - it's cold out of your comfort zone

Change is daunting. Humans by nature tend to be somewhat averse to the concept. Heck, even when it’s for the better such as moving to a bigger and better home – it’ll cause you some anxiety. Be it the new […]

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“If you could see anything, what would you do?”

What would you do if you could see anything?

What would you do indeed? Sometimes it comes in the form of a painful realisation that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s about knowing yourself well enough that if someone offers you gold on a platter that […]

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