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Understanding the value of £ – it’s just money

Choose love, not money

I’ve always found this sort of attitude incredibly calming – it’s just paper, it is just money. It forces perspective with three words, automatically sorting out your value system. It’s a reminder, one that we no doubt need. It’s just […]

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Morning commute – the internal monologue

Brushing teeth

 Waking up Oh god, the morning commute today. What time is it? Ha, only the 1st one of my 5 alarms. Snooze. Snooze… Snooze!! Snooze. Okay, can’t snooze now. Please let the loo be free, please, please. Oh man. I’ll get […]

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My beliefs over your truth

Speaking truth

Truth is a complex concept. When we dislike someone, whether for their externals, intentions or mere presentation, we have a habit of finding the flaws that we’re looking for. Generalisations – You are this, therefore, you believe this. We purposefully […]

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Your pace

Pace yourself

Pace indeed. It’s such a fascinatingly regular phenomenon as to just how often we compare ourselves.  To anyone or anything, how fast we achieve something how we compare to others and anything else that can pick at our self-esteem.

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Your Dichotomy


A Dichotomy is when you find yourself staring at is the battle between two belief systems that usually work great in unison. The mature settler and the immature dreamer. We need the first to progress in life but the latter makes sure […]

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