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Consequences of Neglect – what do you do now?

neglect - running after another

Neglect – I’ve seen it time and time again. Be it romantic relationships, friendships or even familial bonds – we fall into the spiral of neglect. I’ll be truthful, I’ve been known to neglect – I can behave like absolute […]

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Family and the effect of time

Family. It is a big term and encapsulates so much. It is a lifetime of throwing doors shut, angry walkouts, sibling bickering and rivalry, silent treatments and imposed curfews. Somehow your immediate family becomes just a little irrelevant in your […]

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The Psychology of Compromise – 6 Steps to do it right


Compromise is one thing I hate to engage in. Chances are, so do you. Sure, you may be able to get around to compromising when it comes to choosing pizza toppings (unless it’s pineapples. I mean come on people, pineapple? […]

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Surviving Family occasions

Family occasions - kids

For many of us, family occasions are rarely a cause for celebration. All of us have that weird uncle (I have two) and an aunt or two who are just a little too loud with their dated prejudices or what […]

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