Family. It is a big term and encapsulates so much. It is a lifetime of throwing doors shut, angry walkouts, sibling bickering and rivalry, silent treatments and imposed curfews. Somehow your immediate family becomes just a little irrelevant in your teenage years where you embrace your peers as your most essential social necessity. Add some extra years on top and you might turn around, surprised that you have never noticed the group of people who have granted you unconditionally love.

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The Psychology of Compromise – 6 Steps to do it right

I hate compromising. Chances are, so do you. Sure, you may be able to get around to compromising when it comes to choosing pizza toppings (unless it’s pineapples. I mean come on people, pineapple? Really?), but any more than that can be a real challenge.

Why is it so hard? Simply put, because it means you aren’t getting everything you want. I know, it sounds awful but you know it to be true. Well hey, self-awareness is the first step, right? So here’s the thing; the issue here is that we are a selfish species; it was the selfish homo sapien that survived to pass on his genes.

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Surviving Family occasions

For many of us, this is rarely a cause for celebration. All of us have that weird uncle (I have two) and an aunt or two who are just a little too loud with their dated prejudices or what they think of the weight you gained over the summer. Then you have your great collection of cousins; those your age that have drifted far away from their younger versions – once your first set of friends. You have that gangster cousin (or so he’d like to believe) and the cousin who asks you why the hell you aren’t dating anyone yet, trying to analyse your flaws and fix your hair. Of course, the older cousin is just waiting to launch into a controversial political debate with his politically incorrect views.

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