Dumb conversations #2

This was three years ago – I must have been around 22.

My sister had just booked us a trip to Amsterdam, as a celebratory thing for successfully finishing my master’s degree.

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How to Be Cool

First, you have to decide what type of “cool” you want to be. Yes, there are vast arrays of categories entailing details of complex nature that we have to wield through in order to achieve the ultimate status of being called ‘kinda cool’ by the odd stranger until he actually manages to strike up a conversation with you only to find out that you are a complete fraud. So let’s make that fake outer layer as thick as possible so it takes more than a few seconds for people to see through your bullshit and isn’t that the dream? If you say yes, then continue reading but bear in mind that you are a crazy person.

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Reactivating Facebook after years of Social Media Sobriety

So for some context; I am 25 years old and I opened my facebook account in 2008 – when I was 17. So while that is relatively old in today’s era (I am looking at you, my young nieces and nephews with the latest Iphones and Ipads), I had it for a large chunk of time until I decided to deactivate it a few years ago. Why? My career wasn’t moving ahead, I was depressed and social media made it more so. It took some teeth clenching to reactivate the account even now but I got there in the end.

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Surviving Family occasions

For many of us, this is rarely a cause for celebration. All of us have that weird uncle (I have two) and an aunt or two who are just a little too loud with their dated prejudices or what they think of the weight you gained over the summer. Then you have your great collection of cousins; those your age that have drifted far away from their younger versions – once your first set of friends. You have that gangster cousin (or so he’d like to believe) and the cousin who asks you why the hell you aren’t dating anyone yet, trying to analyse your flaws and fix your hair. Of course, the older cousin is just waiting to launch into a controversial political debate with his politically incorrect views.

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