Dumb conversations

I am a vegetarian who holds dumb conversations. Not a militant one, a quiet one who’d rather not bring it up unless asked twice why I’m not having anything from the meat platter.

The following is based on an actual conversation I had with my office buddy; a proud (wait for it) vegephobe. Bring the hate people – this is discrimination at its finest.

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Awkward commuting

Awkward commuting is unavoidable. For many of us it is synonymous with pain and suffering and no, I’m not exaggerating (okay maybe a little). So I recently started a new job, the commute of which is bloody awful. It takes me right into central London, it involves tubes and people. I figure maybe a public service announcement for those who don’t quite get TFL (Transport for London) conduct is due.

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Awkward Office moments

Awkward office moments are synonymous with first world problems.  Have a taster and live vicariously if you aren’t in that place (yet).

Awkward office moments “Bless you”

Who is the one to say ‘bless you’ if someone sneezes? If you do it once, you’ve committed to it all day. If you stop half-way you seem half-hearted. What if that person relies on your ‘bless you’? What about those sneeze attacks? How many times do you say it then? Exactly. Don’t commit. Just Don’t.

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Re-Defining Failure

The biggest challenge in life is getting over a failure and the journey back up. Heartbreak, getting fired, failing an important test, losing out on opportunities that you had your heart set on. How can you challenge the failure you went through? Can you twist it into something worthwhile, into something other than heartache? How can you ultimately challenge failure?

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