One Lovely Blog Award

First thing’s first (other than the fact that I am, in fact, the realest), thank you to Wandering Outside the Box , a writer who not only knows how to write but goes out there and experiences and gives us a chance to live vicariously – cheers to that!

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Who you are

Finding yourself.

You’re you when you devour an entire pizza by yourself at home and you’re also you when you’re working your ass off at work trying to whip up the best presentation ever made.

It’s all you.

Do you think anyone knows who they really are? I don’t. I mean I may have a slight idea, yet every day I find a tiny fraction of undiscovered self which is not really big enough for me to stop, register and define myself using it going ‘oh so that’s me’.

Don’t force yourself to extremes thinking there is a set list of things to do to achieve a moment of sublime self-revelation. I doubt that exists. It’s a slow progress. It’s the slow lessons that sink in.

So when your asshole boss gives you a tight deadline you may find that you are a humongous stress ball barely capable of handling the pressure – but you met the deadline. Capable but emotionally turbulent. That was you with that one deadline. For your next tight project, you may be something else entirely.

The reason why you can’t figure yourself out entirely is because you are continuously evolving and shaping yourself every single second.

Unless you have an innate desire to do certain things, don’t do it with the objective to find something else will be revealed by doing so.

Just live. Live while finding out bits and pieces while doing so.



Family. It is a big term and encapsulates so much. It is a lifetime of throwing doors shut, angry walkouts, sibling bickering and rivalry, silent treatments and imposed curfews. Somehow your immediate family becomes just a little irrelevant in your teenage years where you embrace your peers as your most essential social necessity. Add some extra years on top and you might turn around, surprised that you have never noticed the group of people who have granted you unconditionally love.

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Dumb conversations

I am a vegetarian. Relax, not a militant one, a quiet one who’d rather not bring it up unless asked twice why I’m not having anything from the meat platter.

The following is based on an actual conversation I had with my office buddy; a proud (wait for it) vegephobe. Bring the hate people – this is discrimination at its finest.

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