Applying a structure into your life

We do well when applying a structure – those imposed by you and those imposed by others. Right now the libertarian in you will be shouting me down. I am all for live and let live but if you are in pursuit of a career, there’s no way around it. Applying a Structure tames your wild side. It tames it so that you can be productive when you need to be and let loose when it’s time to do so.

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Closing chapters

Time to close those chapters. You finished your exams, that stress ball is now digested and out of the system. You are ready to start your new beginnings. Or you are no longer a student and are like I once was; waiting for the New Years to apply any changes that you have already attempted in the previous five New Years.

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Death of curiosity

The death of curiosity has become more of a thing as of recently. Since working as a copywriter my general wonderments about the world around me, particularly technologically based ones have died. Like die died. I am having to grasp what complicated electronic components do. The sheer mass of it all has me putting on the breaks when a question arises.

You know when you are watching a really boring documentary because the remote is too far away? So you start to wonder random things like ‘how does a tv actually work?’  Like seriously, how do you do that? You don’t quite care enough to google it because you’ll know it’ll ramble on about physics but you still wonder. I now want to shoot myself in the head before a curiosity arises because I’ve had to study explanations of questions I never asked. Death of curiosity indeed.

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Words have Power

Words have power in its effect of realization. Let’s say you are pursuing a career that is deemed out of reach for a range of reasons. Singer, actor, writer, life coach, youtuber. These kinds of titles have a certain negative stigma attached to them. Not because they are terrible life decisions but because they are hard to reach. Because so many people strive for these titles which make the success rate a pretty low one.

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Survival guide for students

I figure a survival guide for students may come in useful. I was one of the students in school who found it difficult to stick out the 9-3 (wait until you’re older and it’s 8.30am-5.30pm). I wasn’t particularly academically receptive which is why I imagine I am a good person to write the survival guide. My academic side only kicked in at University. I know too many young teenagers who simply lack the motivation and affinity for school and it is extremely relatable. Allow me to do something your teachers didn’t manage to do; impart some wisdom. My own brand of course. Say hi to your very own survival guide.

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Awkward Office moments

Awkward office moments are synonymous with first world problems.  Have a taster and live vicariously if you aren’t in that place (yet).

Awkward office moments “Bless you”

Who is the one to say ‘bless you’ if someone sneezes? If you do it once, you’ve committed to it all day. If you stop half-way you seem half-hearted. What if that person relies on your ‘bless you’? What about those sneeze attacks? How many times do you say it then? Exactly. Don’t commit. Just Don’t.

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