‘In a world where you can be anything at all – be kind ‘

Be kind – it makes for the best moral center.

It’s the smaller things in life

Little trinkets. A smile, helping your mum carry those groceries, driving your friend to the airport, buying the next round. Letting your sister watch what she wants on TV. Forgiving. Teaching. Not needing credit when it is yours for the taking. Walking slower to match their steps. Sharing your Netflix account. Keeping those plants watered. Appreciating. Giving way to a driver. Leaving a tip. Saying thank you. A hug, a morning greeting, a text to check someone’s well-being. Being there for someone without having to be asked. Saying hi to the new guy at work. Laughing at someone’s unfunny joke. Encourage, motivate, be present.

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Hiding emotions

Hiding emotions – you do it. You know when you have an argument over the dinner table, one that actually has managed to get to you. Half the battle is, however, to pretend that you aren’t affected, that it’s in one ear and out the other because this nonchalance helps you win the argument… for some reason. So you keep moving your fork and knife across the plate feigning ignorance and calm, swallowing the food which suddenly tastes too dry to swallow, but the second your argumentee gets out of sight, you drop your cutlery and fume. You hold your face in your hands and shake your head. You need concentration to fume. You need effort, time and space.

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Guarding yourself

The act of guarding oneself recently made an appearance in my life. I had a conversation with a friend who I reconnected with after a decade. We were friends during our early teenage years but somewhere along the way, as it often happens, we lost touch. We then had a fully-fledged conversation on WhatsApp which provides a certain amount of dropped inhibitions and she told me about how she’s gone through a lot of changes. One of which was that she had become far more guarded.

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