What you should be learning

With the increasing amount of debate whether University is actually worth your time in terms of learning, money and of course effort, it’s an even bigger question mark when it comes to courses of the humanities. Before you think I am dissing the arts, I’m not. Both my undergraduate and postgraduate degree fall under the domain. I don’t think my time was wasted, even if ultimately, I opted for an entirely different field to work in.

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Stupid questions

How often have you muted those stupid questions at the tip of your tongue? Where you sat in your classroom and your teacher had given you your assignments. Remember your friends scrambled for their pen and paper to get started. You, in turn, were puzzled, looking around the room trying to get a hint as to what it is you were supposed to be doing. So the question arises; do you really want to be that one student who timidly pops their hand in the air to say ‘What are we supposed to be doing?’

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Positivity in abstract

Positivity is a term people love to use in abstract. The good old jab to your stomach and a ‘just be positive man’ jibe to consult your left-over ache.  ‘Just be positive’ has become so commonplace. You forget that the accomplishment of this involves the altering of how you process thoughts, events, and interactions to an incredibly significant degree. Unlearning and relearning a habit you have had for as long as you’ve been alive. This while not necessarily turning your life upside down but making sure that the obstacles you would have met with your eyes and ears closed. You now meet with a confident smile and a cheeky wink – that’s happiness.

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