Understanding the value of £ – it’s just money

I’ve always found this sort of attitude incredibly calming – it’s just paper, it is just money. It forces perspective with three words, automatically sorting out your value system. It’s a reminder, one that we no doubt need.

It’s just money – it’s not happiness

Many of us tend to be a bit of a career-holic. Obsessively trying to climb that ladder, wanting bigger and better, a better title, better money, bigger desk and a shiny car with a personalised number plate. And then when we hit a bit of a speed bump and obsess when we find life is more difficult than expected. Take a moment and prioritise what is material and what is real.

Slow Progress

Why start small, why slow progress? Isn’t it ‘go big or go home’? Weirdly enough, that phrase is incredibly difficult to place in a real-life context; I dare you to give it a go. Usually, this applies to bravado and you trying to impress a bunch of people. Down that bottle of vodka, push all your chips in at the poker game etc.

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Hiding emotions

Hiding emotions – you do it. You know when you have an argument over the dinner table, one that actually has managed to get to you. Half the battle is, however, to pretend that you aren’t affected, that it’s in one ear and out the other because this nonchalance helps you win the argument… for some reason. So you keep moving your fork and knife across the plate feigning ignorance and calm, swallowing the food which suddenly tastes too dry to swallow, but the second your argumentee gets out of sight, you drop your cutlery and fume. You hold your face in your hands and shake your head. You need concentration to fume. You need effort, time and space.

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In Time; does time matter?

In Time was a good one. It’s always a good sign of a great sci-fi thriller if you refer back to it a long time after you’ve seen it. Released in 2011, a whopping six years ago now and while it’s not perfection, the idea behind it is. I think the fact that Timberlake starred in it got people into the cinema but left with something else; a different reality that can change your whole outlook. If something can get you to think philosophically for even five minutes, it’s probably worth buying (or downloading it illegally online).

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