Mindset glasses

A mindset is what I see as metaphorical-philosophical glasses. That is what it is, I refuse to change the name into something that I can actually say out loud; mindset glasses. You may wear a different pair each day. One drastically different to the one you wear on a Friday night to the one you wear on a Monday morning. They paint your day, your week, and/or your years to come.

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Make and take your wins

Make and take your wins was the lesson learned from a day that started as any other. I woke up and hit the gym (I’m lying). Once I got home I started to look for a key my mum lost a while ago. It’s a key to a little jewellery box that she needs open by Saturday which is tomorrow for a wedding. Somehow I have managed to become incredibly gifted in finding lost stuff for other people, never my own.

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Starting from the bottom, we’re still here?

Starting from the bottom we’re still here is not quite how life is supposed to go. If I can sum up a way to live life properly, it takes two words; attitude and perspective and you start with the latter. We call it ‘underprivileged’, the faction of society that does not enjoy wealth in the form of materialism and hard cash. More times than I care to tell you, I find the fact liberating because as much as material comfort money brings, it is also constraining. Money can distort reality to such proportions that people like honey booboo’s mum exists.

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