Choose friends wisely

You can’t choose family; you are stuck with the one you were born with but you choose friends. I for sure was a kid who would have loved to disown one of my strange uncles but blood runs thick. This is however not the case when it comes to your social network. It is an interesting dynamic; as a kid you socialise mainly with your cousins but this changes as you grow older. With age, you have a say as to who is welcome in your life and who isn’t; these decisions shape you. It’s a control that you have over your own life that you should exercise. These people can make or break you.

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Mindset glasses

A mindset is what I see as metaphorical-philosophical glasses. That is what it is, I refuse to change the name into something that I can actually say out loud; mindset glasses. You may wear a different pair each day. One drastically different to the one you wear on a Friday night to the one you wear on a Monday morning. They paint your day, your week, and/or your years to come.

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Collecting clutter and attaching meaning

Attaching meaning to pointless crap is a habit. When your phone alerts you that your storage is full. So you manually look through your apps, pics and vids to find stuff that is ultimately unnecessary. I keep my phone tight as these alerts are devastating.  It’s a huge drag to stop, take the time, analyse and make decisions you’d rather not. Say every few months to take a retrospective peek and find thousands of files you have to look through. So quite literally every week during my commute to or back from work, I scroll through all my garbage and do one thing; de-clutter, move those worth something onto my external hard drive and have my phone nice and clean.
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Death of curiosity

The death of curiosity has become more of a thing as of recently. Since working as a copywriter my general wonderments about the world around me, particularly technologically based ones have died. Like die died. I am having to grasp what complicated electronic components do. The sheer mass of it all has me putting on the breaks when a question arises.

You know when you are watching a really boring documentary because the remote is too far away? So you start to wonder random things like ‘how does a tv actually work?’  Like seriously, how do you do that? You don’t quite care enough to google it because you’ll know it’ll ramble on about physics but you still wonder. I now want to shoot myself in the head before a curiosity arises because I’ve had to study explanations of questions I never asked. Death of curiosity indeed.

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