Your Dichotomy

A Dichotomy is when you find yourself staring at is the battle between two belief systems that usually work great in unison. The mature settler and the immature dreamer. We need the first to progress in life but the latter makes sure we enjoy it. The first is about a concrete destination while the 2nd pronounces the journey and hopes for an epic end – an end that may not come to realisation. Yes, we need both, but there are times when life makes you choose. Who do you choose?

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Challenge Accepted

I have always loved the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and Barney’s Challenge Accepted. Of course, for one, the show is hilarious. The stories are often relatable and have a certain depth to them. Most of all, however, one can never read enough into the little quirks that the main characters personify including Barney Stinson; an existence that is arguably entirely a collection of quirks. He is a larger than life character and one of his many mottoes (and also one of my favourite) being Challenge accepted.

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Rejecting the norm?

How come we fear the process of rejecting the norm? Don’t you think it strange that we spend most of our lives with people we haven’t chosen? I am talking about your office neighbours. You didn’t choose them, they didn’t choose you. We didn’t go through some psychological metric test to see if we are compatible. It’s your work based skill and experience that brought you here and among these people. You see them more often and longer than your family, your friends, your significant other, even your kids. You can absolutely dislike them but make-do. That’s what adults do.

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