Challenge Accepted

I have always loved the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and Barney’s Challenge Accepted. Of course, for one, the show is hilarious. The stories are often relatable and have a certain depth to them. Most of all, however, one can never read enough into the little quirks that the main characters personify including Barney Stinson; an existence that is arguably entirely a collection of quirks. He is a larger than life character and one of his many mottoes (and also one of my favourite) being Challenge accepted.

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A Pensieve per se.

How often have you felt like Dumbledore? That a Pensieve would be an incredibly self-therapeutic way to go about life? When your mind is full of everyday thoughts, worries and responsibilities and the ability to just liquidate these, store them into a bowl and move on seems like a God-given? The appreciation of Pensieves usually crops up when life is wearing you down.

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